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Not everyone has equal access
to nature. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Nature
(EDIN) is an official sub-committee of the Carden Alvar Executive. 

Our goal is to strive for local environmental clubs that are welcoming and inviting for nature lovers of all identities.


We aspire to identify

barriers to participation and enjoyment

of nature and where possible remove them.


J. Mitchell-Wilson

Photos by D. Homer

Guided Walks

Tailor made to your needs and interests, connect with a walk guide for a personalized tour of the Alvar. These walks are open to everyone! 

Email us at:

Personal Growth

Making safe outdoor spaces for all is a community AND personal endeavour that requires education, personal reflection and growth.

Community Connections

We look to our community for connection, support and leadership in the effort to dismantle barriers to participation in nature. 

Member Meetings

EDIN informs the Carden Field Naturalist Executive on topics for Member Presentations that celebrate the diversity of nature and nature lovers.


Photos by D. Homer

Photos by D. Homer


T. Wilson

EDIN Members

Ann Gray

Courtney-Anne Craft

John Alexander

Judy Mitchell-Wilson

Email us:

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C. Curran

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